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Congratulations to Panagiotis who passed his test on his first attempt as a Drive Buddi customer. “I want to express a huge "thank you" to my Instructor Suleyman. He was extremely professional, very polite and friendly; always on time and always reliable. This was my 4th attempt to pass the driving test. He tried his best to let me understand my faults; his questions were straightforward thus triggering my sincere answer and seeing for myself my "stupid" fault. Thus, I got the confidence needed for driving a car safely and effectively. I will remember for life, his guidance and clarifications. We did the most difficult routes around Leicester. And when I passed the test, I told him that it was, really, a very easy test. I have the experience of collaborating with another two driving Instructors; but Suleyman is the first, miles ahead from the other two. Also, the Drive Buddi School were so professional and polite, from the first phone call to them. I do recommend Drive Buddi and Suleyman as your Number One choice for your driving lessons. Lastly, I will do with Suleyman a 3-hour Motorway special lesson, to complete my driving skills.” - Panagiotis

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I want to express a huge