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    Find all the details you need about our affordably priced lessons below.

Standard Lesson Prices - Manual

  • 1 Hour Lessons FROM £22 per hour. (Subject to Availability)
  • 1 Hour 30 Minute Lessons FROM £33
  • 2 Hour Lessons FROM £45 (Most Popular)
  • 10 Hour Block Booking FROM £200

Standard Lesson Prices - Automatic

  • 1 Hour Lessons FROM £25 per hour. (Subject to Availability)
  • 1 Hour 30 Minute Lessons FROM £37.50
  • 2 Hour Lessons FROM £50 (Most Popular)
  • 10 Hour Block Booking FROM £240

Intensive/Fast Track Courses – Manual/Automatic

10 Hours
Manual £587 Automatic £612
Did something stop you from succeeding at your first go or do you struggle with one or two key aspects of driving? Let us help you with this 10-hour course. Choose this course if you've already spent at least 30 hours behind the wheel.
16 Hours
Manual £752 Automatic £792
If you can name a few trouble areas in your driving? We will work with you to fix them. This course targets specific problems, such as parking and helps you fix them. It's ideal with 25 hours of driving experience in your belt.
20 Hours
"The Adept"
Manual £862 Automatic £912
When you've already got the basics down, we'll work on the advanced lessons. This course goes deep into the skills you need to drive like it's second nature. It's perfect if you've got the basics down with around 20 hours of driving experience.
25 Hours
"Quick Learner"
Manual £999.50 Automatic £1062
Are you a naturally talented driver but still lack experience? Do you learn fast? This course will help you become test-ready in record time. 10-15 hours of prior driving experience is still recommended.
30 Hours
Manual £1137 Automatic £1212
When you already got the basics of driving down but still need focused practice, this course is for you. We'll help you master driving in record time, so you can confidently pass on your first try. You're expected to have some driving skills before you start.
35 Hours
"Confident Beginner"
Manual £1274.50 Automatic £1362
If you're starting from scratch, but you're confident you'll learn driving faster than average, this is for you. We will build up your driving skills fast and without error. And if you still need those extra hours in the end, you'll be able to add them later.
40 Hours
"The Beginner's Course"
Manual £1412 Automatic £1512
This is your standard driving course for complete beginners. Only with us, you can make it accelerated and become ready for your practical test in just a few weeks from scratch. Choose this if you have little to no driving experience.
46 Hours
"Extra Safe"
Manual £1577 Automatic £1692
Do you want to take your time learning the amazing skill of driving your car? Do you want to be extra safe in your knowledge and experience before you take your practical? This package is for you. We'll use the extra hours so you can practice more.

Every Package Includes:
  • Practical Driving Test. Other Schools would charge extra for this.
  • 1-on-1 time with a patient, professional instructor in your area. No piggy backing.
  • A clean car to drive and take your test in.
  • 24/7 support.
Why We're Better...

We are Leicester's Number One provider of Accelerated Driving Courses. Our instructors can tailor your training to help get your license faster. Decide how many hours you need and we will work around your schedule.

How Long Until I Can Drive?

We start by finding the best test times that fit your goals. Once it's booked, we will contact you to get your lessons booked around your Schedule.

Are Your Courses Flexible?

We can work around your schedule. You can pick how you spend your driving hours. Typically, our instructors can drive with you from 2 hours a day to 5 hours a day. Call us on 07540 835557 for more personalised options.

Help me decide which course to take!

Okay. We realize all these options can be overwhelming. That's why we offer free, personalised phone consultations at 07540 835557. You can even arrange to have one of our instructors assess your skills in a single hour. Let's talk.